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Our specialist team is dedicated to provide accessible videos in Sign Language.
Are you looking to add Sign Language to your filming project or need a document translated into NZSL video format? 
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Quality is our Direction,  Equality is our Vision.

Film & Editing Contractor

  • Filming 

  • After effects post production

  • Green screen studio 

  • Drone UAV 102 certification 


Featured work

Held at the National library is the He Tohu exhibition.  This exhibition holds over 600 accessible clips in Sign Language. 

He Tohu gained two golds, one silver and three bronze in design excellence categories for its design, branding, interactives and cross-cultural collaboration.

The judges said "There is magic here!"

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If you have a Deaf lead  project and funding is a concern please apply.

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Quality is our direction, Equality is our vision