Meet the team

Quality is our Direction,  Equality is our Vision.

Meet Noreen,


Director of EyeFilms, she is a filmmaker, editor and qualified NZSL interpreter. Noreen has a unique specialised set of skills. Her passion of filming and sign language drives her business to provide the highest quality New Zealand sign language translation videos. 

Noreen believes that the New Zealand Deaf community is the heart of EyeFilms. It is her commitment to provide native signers in most filming projects.  

Noreen is proud that EyeFilms proudly gives back by providing a selection of free services throughout the year to Deaf lead projects.

Meet Grace,

Studio Manager

Meet Grace, the studio manager. She is a qualified and experienced NZSL tutor for all age groups. She has a Bachelor of Communications and is always super organised. Her skills are administration, venue hiring, project development and excels at multitasking.


Grace is a new mum, to a gorgeous Deaf baby girl. She is extremely passionate about crafts, NZSL storytelling, and spending time with her family.


Grace strongly believes that Deaf people should be able to access all information at all times which is why she will continue to advocate for equal rights and equal access to information and education.